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Prime Time Media Fails Again – Reflections and Necessary Evils

A ZNN Editorial
Disappointing – but no real big surprise that debate moderator Chris Wallace did not broach the Clinton/Podesta perspective on the question of government secrecy on the ET issue during the last presidential debate.

Following the cowardly and pubescent lead of each and every other media anchor, Wallace dared not do it – as MSM (MainStreamMedia) did its due diligence as the cohort for the UFO cover-up. 

Yet we move on. Don’t fear the red and the blue pill.

It is in their nature for media to avoid the ET disclosure matter on a national scale. Regional coverage far out ranks prime time mainstream media coverage. Thus, the issue remains under the Glass Ceiling. 

The presidential debate was one of the last large scale media opportunities for the ET matter to surface – but not the final one.

The American electorate continues to be befuddled by the choices put before them by the US constitution – a sociopathic maniac versus a congenital liar. Yes you ask – which one is which? Evil often comes with a smile and a frown.

What comes next and what remains to be done?

The first priority is to ensure that the Podesta Wikileaks e-mails continue to be advanced in the media – regional, national and international. 

Ensuring journalist are aware of and are willing to ask questions about why Podesta's name figures so prominently in these leaked documents remains a prime opportunity for serious disclosure advocates.

Both USA Today and the Wall Street Journal – ranked one and two in US circulation – have both addressed the Podesta Wikileaks emails in prominent articles on October 10 and 12. Will others follow?

Reporters Maeve McDermott ( and Byron Tau ( were authors of articles describing the Podesta e-mail leaks. These perspectives cannot be dismissed.

Jennifer Harper at the Washington Times also covered this matter on Oct 19 – the day of the debate at: 

These reporters and others must be validated and encouraged to continue writing about, investigating and exposing the Wikileaks e-mails and the role Podesta plays in openly discussing these matters for three key reasons:

1. Julian Assuange's Wikileaks, despite his now troubled presence in Ecuador – he remains an international repositor of data that has and will continue to be feared by governments. Reporters need to understand that virtually every other form of government or institutional secrecy element has been exposed by Wikileaks and in turn reported by mainstream media.

2. Wikileaks has now opened the UFO/ET conversation internationally by exposing e-mails to and from John Podesta discussing UFO disclosure with the likes of the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell, celebrity musician Tom Delonge and other insiders. [NOTE: this has all been carefully articulated by Grant Cameron (Canada) and Rebecca Hardcastle (USA)]

3. The third reason reporters need to be encouraged to continue exposing the implications of UFO Wikileaks e-mails is that for the first time in American history a woman, who has publicly avowed her convictions on the UFO/ET issue – is poised to be the next President of the United States. It is clear that mainstream media publishers, owners, editors and reporters still do not get this… yet.

Finally - John Podesta has engaged this matter for tactical reasons. In my opinion – once his strategic goal of getting Hillary into the Oval Office is accomplished, all the spade work he has accomplished since his first declaration on the UFO matter in 2002 at the Washington National Press Club – he will be positioned to be the most influential White House insider to craft how the ET presence will be framed for and presented to the American people and the world.

[Caveat: Those who have heard me speak on radio about this matter understand that I have absolutely no affection what-so-ever for the Clintons. Below the veneer they are just as despicable as Donald Trump in many ways. However, at this point in history and if you are an American voter – she is required. 

Abstention or a vote for Trump is a vote for manufactured sociopathic insanity. 

A vote for Hillary is a vote for 'normal insanity' a commodity that has become infused into and is likely to remain in American politics for the foreseeable future. 

Like it or not Hillary is both the red and blue pill – a necessary evil. 

John Podesta walks a tight-rope over the abyss of the demise of America. It is a dangerous but necessary high-wire act. Never before has the US been faced with choosing between two forms of madness. 

Citizens of the US - as a Canadian I do not envy your choices.]


USA Today 

Victor Viggiani M. Ed.
News Director
Toronto Canada

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wikileaks and the Unfolding John Podesta UFO Story

Breaking News!   
U P D A T E #2
Press Release - for immediate distribution

[Readers - The compendium of Podesta Wikileaks emails can be found here: Click on WIKILEAKS]

Wikileaks reveal powerful UFO disclosure emails
Why did Apollo 14 Astronaut and musician Tom Delonge want to meet with Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chair?

Toronto [ZNN] Canadian researcher Grant Cameron and several other key players have uncovered Wikileaks emails indicating Apollo 14 astronaut, the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell and musician Tom DeLonge made attempts to meet with Hillary Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta.

The Wikileaks emails appear to reveal that Mitchell and Delonge made their own independent attempts to discuss UFOs, Zero Point Energy and other issues surrounding the full disclosure of the UFO/ET matter currently being covered-up by the US government.

Cameron says the Wikileak emails are authentic. This has been corroborated by at least two other sources.

It is clear both Delonge and Mitchell were keenly aware of Podesta's desire to achieve UFO disclosure while he served as an advisor to President Obama and now, on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton.

According to Cameron, one of them was successful in their attempt to meet with Podesta and high powered military officials. 

Review Grant Cameron's research and the chronology of the events. The Unfolding John Podesta Story

Wall Street Journal coverage: WSJ

USA TODAY coverage: USA

Rolling Stone coverage: Rolling

Review Washington DC writer and researcher Rebecca Hardcastle's assessment. Exoconsciousness

Other sources: 
Yahoo News - Tom DeLonge Emailing Clinton Campaign Chair About UFOs

Wikileaks email on meeting between Tom Delonge and John Podesta with A-Level military officials. WIKIEMAIL


Wednesday, September 28, 2016



An opportunity like none - ever...

Since the results of the last presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) in Washington DC is campaigning to have the public Tweet the next debate moderator to ask Hillary Clinton about her involvement in the UFO/ET issue. 

The Clintons and John Podesta have all made public statements about their views on this issue - Hillary Clinton and Podesta have explicitly said they want UFO files made public.

Why is this important? There are several reasons.

This is a real opportunity to utilize the interactive power of social media - in this case Twitter - to create a momentous moment on US national television during the next Presidential debate. 

We are all aware that Facebook - Twitter - the US national media as well as most other mainstream news outlets are flawed in the way in which each 'filters and frames the news diet'.  However, they all have one thing in common... they are still pervasive and persuasively effective tools to be used to raise an issue of immense import. 

When Mr. Chris Wallace, the next debate moderator from FOX News and other subsequent moderators come to the realization after receiving hundreds of Tweets - that asking Secretary Clinton about the ET issue and her campaign manager John Podesta's constant and public commitment to the ET matter - it will set off a fire-storm like no other news in media history.

This could well be the dynamic wedge that cracks the glass-ceiling allowing the ET matter to become an ACTUALIZED presidential campaign issue. 

The issue is not whether she will or will not address the ET/UFO files when elected. At this point this does not matter.

The issue is - from 1993 to 1996 her husband President Bill Clinton and Hillary - as First Lady - along with Laurence S. Rockefeller and a phalanx of other political figures - journalists and other noted public figures were engaged in the largest letter and memo exchange in White House history concerning the UFO/ET matter. 

Solicitor and former Obama advisor - John Podesta who now serves as Clinton's current campaign chair - undoubtedly witnessed this as Bill Clinton's White House Chief of Staff... this has never been talked about publicly. [The Rockefeller Initiative]

Irrespective of whether this type of questioning (issue raising) will affect her candidacy in a positive or negative way or whether or not it will give Trump another dart to throw at Clinton - it does not matter. 

If the ET question is raised on the most watched television program in presidential debate history - the deed will be done - the die is cast - an event will have happened that cannot be changed

In the last debate well over 80 million people tuned in to see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off, setting a new record in the sixty year history of televised presidential debates. 

Imagine for one moment 80 million people hearing and watching Hillary Clinton respond to a question - or a series of questions - on the UFO/ET matter. Regardless of what she says - more than 80 million people will become aware that this is an issue. No other opportunity - short of Obama going on national TV - would have the capacity to create such a maelstrom of news. 

If successful, the public and political age of the UFO/ET matter will have arrived - not just on US TV but on the international stage and in the consciousness of millions - an event will have happened that cannot be changed

Thus - irrespective of anyone's views on Clinton or Trump or the media - we have a responsibility to use every method at our disposal to inaugurate a national and global discussion on the most important single issue facing humanity. 

We all swim in an ocean of possibilities - grasping the right possibility at the right time and bringing it to the surface is an act of courage.

ZNN encourages everyone to consider supporting PRG's effort to bring reality to news and news to reality

Use Twitter to contact Mr. Chris Wallace or any other mechanism at your disposal. @FoxNewsSunday

There is a wealth of resources below to assist readers.


Journalists wishing to contact PRG's Executive Director Stephen Bassett may do so at:

Paradigm Research Group | (202) 215-8344 | |

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Nuclear Events on Mars!


Pentagon gives go-ahead to US Physicist to publish data on Nuclear Events on Mars 

Evidence to be presented at American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space 2016

Press Release for Immediate Distribution

Toronto [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned that Dr. John E. Brandenburg, PhD (Morningstar Applied Physics, LLC) has stunned the world by introducing specific scientific data that the planet Mars has - in the very distant past - experienced two devastating thermo-nuclear events.

"We have evidence on Mars of two big nuclear explosions at two sites and if you look at the map, those sites are directly upwind of Cydonia Mensae and Galaxias Chaos — meaning they were targeted on those areas.” 
- John E. Brandenburg, Ph.D., Morningstar Applied Physics

As far back as 2014 several news outlets covered Brandenburg's incredible findings - however it is now re-surfacing in a revolutionary and dramatic fashion. Why now? 

Brandenburg announced he submitted his findings to the US Defense Department and, after a six month examination of the data, The Pentagon has given its imprimatur not only for Brandenburg to publish his findings but to present them at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space 2016 conference to be held in Long Beach, CA this coming September 13 to 16.

Excerpt from Conference Agenda Sept 15, 2016

This remarkable and unprecedented series of events is explained articulately in an article by Richard O'Connor MD. Dr. O'Connor's article also contains a wealth of resource URLS on Brandenburg's work.

Excerpts are available below for ZNN's readers and journalists to begin their own examination of this history-making news. An unnerving ten minute interview with Dr. Brandenburg by EARTHFILES' Linda Moulton Howe is also available below. Listen to a two minute edited version HERE.

"Dr. John E. Brandenburg, PhD (Morningstar Applied Physics, LLC) has been invited to present a research paper at the upcoming American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space 2016 conference to be held in Long Beach, CA September 13-16, 2016. The information Brandenburg will be presenting, if his hypothesis is proven correct, is stunning. Dr. Brandenburg claims his research indicates that planet Mars was, in its remote past, subjected to 2 very powerful atmospheric nuclear blasts that were intentionally carried out and appear to have been an over-the-top, deliberate attempt to sterilize Mars of all life.”

"What makes this story even more interesting is Brandenburg’s claim that he presented his data and his conclusions to the Pentagon and, after 6 months of waiting, received a “go-ahead-and-publish” notification from the Department of Defense.”

It appears Dr. Brandenburg has irrefutable evidence in support of an Earth-like Mars in the past and nuclear data revealing ‘weapon-signature’ isotopes showing two massive nuclear “airbursts” in the Northern regions of Mars. 

Review Dr. O'Connor's complete article and research items:

Review Dr. John Brandenburg's Data:


In discussion with leading researcher Linda Moulton Howe ZlandCommunications has been given permission to distribute her recent shocking interview with Dr. Brandenburg.

Visit here - EARTHFILES - to listen to Ms. Moulton Howe's jaw-dropping ten minute interview of Dr. Brandenburg. [Files and photos from EARTHFILES - Linda Moulton Howe with thanks] 

ZlandCommunications will be commenting further on this matter.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


ZNN News Alert

Has Earth's time-line been manipulated without us knowing it? Does the United States government have diplomatic relations with Extraterrestrials? 

A new book due to be released on September 1, 2016 by two Canadian authors appears to have captured the answers to these and other staggering questions about the ET phenomenon and time travel.

Bob Mitchell and Jason Quitt, co-authors of the book DISCLOSED: Chronicles of John Titor ll, have distributed the following press release about John Titor II's personal chronicle of time travel and inconceivable details about the influence Extraterrestrials have had on Earth's past, present and future. If the testimony in this book by John Titor II is true - it will change history and much, much more. 

[Note: This press release contains information that may be disturbing to some people. Read at your own risk.]


TORONTO, Ont. – (Aug. 29, 2016) - The United States spends millions of dollars every year covering up something they say doesn’t exist – Extraterrestrials.
In fact, the U.S. military not only recognizes three alien species but for nearly 70 years has been working with the Greys, the Reptilians and the Tall Whites under signed treaties. America also has diplomatic relations with the Anunnaki.
But the cover-up goes even deeper.
The U.S. military has the capability of time travel using interstellar spacecraft capable of flying faster than the speed of light.
Based at Area 51, John Titor II began travelling through time on missions for a highly-secretive arm of the U.S. Air Force in 1979 and served as commander of the 177th Time Travel Division from the years 2030 to 2036.
His life story is told for the first time in “Disclosed:Chronicles of John Titor II” – a new book co-written by Canadian authors Bob Mitchell and Jason Quitt.
“In return for allowing the Greys, the Reptilians and the Tall Whites to have hidden bases on Earth with unlimited access to resources - and the U.S. never revealing to the public they exist – the ETs have provided black technology to the military beyond anybody’s wildest imagination,” Titor II said.
Titor II reveals the hidden truths behind humanity’s biggest cover-ups.
These include;
• The existence of at least two different off-world colonies.
• The U.S. military has a fighting force of thousands of genetically-engineered cloned super soldiers.
• Who really killed President John F Kennedy?
• Our timeline has been changed without us knowing it.
• Humanity’s extinction and Earth’s inevitable environmental Armageddon.
Mitchell, Quitt and John Titor II will discuss their mind blowing book for the first time on Coast to Coast with George Noory on Sept. 1, the same day it goes on sale on Amazon. .
“Once you read this book you will never look at the world the same way again,” author Bob Mitchell said. “Parts of it scared the hell out of me, especially when John revealed what our future will be like.”
“Disclosed has the potential to shake up the entire conspiracy/UFO world,” author Jason Quitt said. “People all over the world are demanding disclosure. This bookwill push the boundaries.
Disclosed:Chronicles of John Titor II is a perfect follow the international sensation “Forbidden Knowledge-Revelations of a multi-dimensional time traveler," which was co-written by Mitchell and Quitt and released in March 2016.
"It’s important to understand that John Titor II isn’t the John Titor, who suddenly popped up on the Internet in 2000 claiming to be a time traveler with so many outlandish predictions," Mitchell said. "In our new book, John Titor II doesn't make predictions. He has experienced what has and is about to happen.".
"John Titor II is the real deal," Quitt said.
Although no longer time traveling, John Titor II continues to consult with the Department of Defense. He lives in a heavily-secured compound with 24-hour security in southern California.
Bob Mitchell –
Jason Quitt -
Interviews with John Titor II can be arranged through either Bob Mitchell or Jason Quitt.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Canada’s First National Public Hearing on UFO’s HD Video now available

Canada’s First National Public Hearing on UFO’s 

HD Video and Trailer

The HD video of the 
Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs 
held on Saturday June 25, 2016
in Brantford Ontario Canada 
is now available to the public.

 Featuring the testimony of 
The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer 
Stanton Friedman
Stephen Bassett
Grant Cameron
Richard Dolan
Travis Walton
Nick Pope

Moderated by
Canadian Broadcaster
Richard Syrett

Filmed and Edited by

A Production of
The Alien Cosmic Expo
Copyright 2016

The video can be downloaded at: CNIUFOs
Watch the Trailer HERE

Monday, June 27, 2016

UFO Disclosure Advocate Makes Secret NORAD Files Public

Press Release - For Immediate Distribution

Victor Viggiani News Director ZlandCommunications

Toronto [ZNN] Canadian UFO disclosure advocate Victor Viggiani challenges the US government to indict him.

At the first Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs in Brantford Ontario Canada on Saturday June 25, 2016 - stunning news has come out concerning this inquiry’s findings.

In a bold move of defiance to dare the US government to charge him, Victor Viggiani quoted from a NORAD document, “any distribution of this kind of information threatens National Security and violates the Espionage Act of the United States.” 

Viggiani made public several secret files from ZNN's Runic Archive of NORAD documents proving that the phenomenon of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon or UAPs have “been discussed, analyzed, assessed and sequestered at the highest levels of governance and military authority on the planet.” (ZNN)

All of these secret files are available to the press by contacting ZlandCommunications:

Look at the documents: HERE

Read the full story and watch Viggiani's challenge to the US government at: EMN 

Friday, June 17, 2016

A Hearing Update for the first Canadian National Public Inquiry into UFOs

A Hearing Update - Stunning News

Media Alert Updated June 23,2016

Since the initial posting of our media announcement about the first Canadian National Public Inquiry into UFOs, there have been over 1,957 reads of our message since March 2016.

These hits have come from all over the world internationally - South Africa, South America, the UK and Europe.

The response has been overwhelming. Attendees are coming from New Zealand, South Africa, the United States as well as Canada to witness this event. 

As many of you know on Saturday June 25, 2016 the attention of the world will be focussed on one of the most significant events in Canadian UFO history in Brantford Ontario for the first Canadian National Public Inquiry into UFOs.

We have Stunning News!
Since March we have discovered several stunning revelations that have been made - they directly impact the Canadian UFO Inquiry. 

First - Democratic candidate for the President of United States, Secretary Hillary Clinton and John Podesta her campaign chairman have made several astonishing public statements about her intention to release American UFO files if Hillary is elected President.

We will be examining it all - everything from UFO sighting reports, amazing government documents to Clinton's remarks to release the US X-Files.
  • Hillary Clinton's statements in March 2016 saying she will release US UFO files if elected,
  • UFO sighting reports like this 
  • John Podesta - Hillary Clinton's President Campaign Chair on CNN about the release of UFO files, 
  • Official government UFO documents obtained through FOIA and the Canadian Access to Information Act. RCMP Sample: UFO Found
  • What former US President Bill Clinton said about alien bodies, 
  • Alien abductions, 
  • The Crash at Roswell New Mexico,
  • Documented international UFO incidents over US and UK military and nuclear installations.
This and much more.

The team has assembled an elite panel of international experts - lead by the Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and Minister of Defence The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer - member of the Queen's Privy Council.

UFO experts will present their case in support of the UFO reality, the existence of extraterrestrials and what world governments, Pentagon, White House, NORAD and Vatican officials know about this issue. Then journalists will question them on the veracity of their testimony.

The research and development team has recommended that the followingexperts make up the panel: The Hon. Paul Hellyer, Richard Dolan, Steven Bassett, Nick Pope, Grant Cameron, Stanton Friedman and Travis Walton.

Hellyer – former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, the highest-ranking former government official to acknowledge the existence of ETs and the world-wide government cover-up.

Dolan - an American UFO author, researcher and historian. He’s one of the most sought after UFO experts for late night radio and television series. Richard co-authored "AD: After Disclosure: The People's Guide to Life After Contact" with television producer Bryce Zabel.
Bassett - a U.S. lobbyist actively involved in getting the U.S, government to come clean about what it knows about UFOs and alien contact. Stephen is the Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group in Washington DC.
Pope - a UFO author, who previously ran the UFO investigation department as a former official with the British Ministry of Defence. Also an expert on the famous Rendlesham Forest incident often called Britain’s Roswell.

Cameron - a Canadian UFO researcher specializing on what the Presidents know and the connection with pop music and ET consciousness.

Friedman - a retired nuclear physicist and expert on the 1947 Roswell incident and Majestic-12 - the secret government organization involved in decades of UFO cover-ups.

Walton - one of the world’s best-known abductees, whose book “Fire in the Sky” was also turned into a Hollywood Movie. A real-life documentary of the incident and his life entitled “Travis -The True Story of Travis Walton" will also be screened at the Expo.

The Public Hearing will take place on Saturday June 25 at the Brantford Best Western Plus Inn

This event is expected to receive international coverage.

The testimony presented will be both politically stunning and intellectually challenging.

Canadian radio and television broadcaster Richard Syrett will preside as the hearing moderator.

Please use the contact details below should you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you.

The First Canadian National Public Inquiry intUFOs is part of the ALIEN COSMIC EXPO. For tickets go to: TX 


For for information contact:
Victor Viggiani – - 905-278-1238 - 416-801-8056
Bob Mitchell – 416-807-2922
ET Disclosure Hearing Adjudicators